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Hello, we're Kelvin Consulting

a building engineering consulting company with a focus on optimized solutions.

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Kelvin Consulting is a sustainability consulting and building design firm based in South Florida. We leverage our experience, a growing library of tools, and sound engineering to craft tailored solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges. Our services include green building consulting, energy audits, HVAC, Refrigeration, and Plumbing design. We specialize in green certification programs, providing engineered construction drawings, and can assist you through the construction process.

Kelvin Chang

Phd, Professional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional

Kelvin is a mechanical engineer who’s originally from South Florida. He’s a licensed professional engineer in Florida and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professional with extensive experience in green building. His other areas of expertise include building HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration design.

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We’re committed to green practices, so it’s no surprise that we happily offer our clients help with green certification programs like LEED, Green Globes, and WELL. We want to encourage building sustainably and implementing energy efficient systems; this includes renovations. As a consultant, we help our clients navigate and even implement green technologies; finding impactful ways to use renewable energy and the latest energy efficient equipment. Our service can be assistance in obtaining third party certifications or cost-effective system designs.

Can you imagine that buildings in America account for 40% of our total energy consumption? That’s a big chunk. There are so many saving opportunities in existing buildings. We provide our clients with energy assessments and studies to help them decide on building improvements, giving them calculated results on when and how their potential project will payback. We use the latest software to model building energy consumption to quantify savings. We can model multiple scenarios from a building window upgrade to a chiller equipment replacement. Let us help you save energy.

Air conditioning systems vary widely with a building’s size and usage, so the designed systems for a large campus and a small house differ considerably. At Kelvin Consulting, we’re fit to address the two and everything between. We know all too well the challenges of high humidity and immense summer cooling demand in sunny Florida, but we also have experience with systems designed for icy winters.

Kelvin Consulting offers design services for commercial and residential plumbing on new and existing construction. We have the team to meet the project’s requirements. Our solutions fit the project. We strive to create efficient designs to assure water conservation and lower construction costs; all without compromise to function. We have experience in commercial kitchen plumbing and even pressurized air/gas systems.

Electrical systems in buildings include the power, light, low voltage systems, and communication. They can include important components like lightning protection and even backup power. We’re here to help create reliable electrical systems that will grow with your buildings’ needs.

Refrigeration design includes commercial storage and even supermarket design. Walk-in coolers and freezers are unique parts of the building that not only consume considerable energy but are sometimes super critical to the building’s operation. Remote refrigeration for cases that display products fall into this category as well. We’re here to make sure they’re designed to operate efficiently and reliably.

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